technology playbook

This project is under active development! This has some informations, and links to the rest.

This document is incomplete; check out more current information in the README on Github and also extensive docs in the docs directory of that project

We generally meet once a week to work on the website/calendar. Ping the website crew to get details about our next meetup. All are welcome; coders, testers, content editors, visionaries, etc.

Shift uses Amazon’s AWS and Netlify to host our website. Chris/fool is currently paying for AWS but will eventually start submitting expenses to Shift for payment, so frugality in our hosting is a reasonable goal to save the org money.

Shift’s Domains are registered through Dotster and are hooked to fool’s credit card:

  • has been transferred to the pedalpalooza org and is not managed by shift anymore.

Several people can potentially help with website or calendar problems, including chris (@fool), Josh (@carrythebanner), Andrew (@onewheelskyward) - but you should email if you are interested in contributing or have a question or need tech support.

The calendar is written in Node.js, and talks to a MySQL database that is backed up semi-regularly.

This website and calendar are their own codebase in GitHub, which is free to join and use in any way that you might while collaborating with us on maintenance/development, and of course free to download!

Some of the old website/calendar codebase is in github here:

Finally, we use (account is in fool’s name) to handle mails to and you have to login there to set up new aliases (on this page). Josh/@carrythebanner and @fool have access to the admin account on this service and can diagnose problems with emails.