technology playbook

This project is under active development! This has some informations, and links to the rest!

This document is incomplete; check out more current information in the README on Github and also extensive docs in the docs directory of that project

Shift uses Amazon’s AWS and Netlify to host our website. Chris/fool is currently paying for AWS but will submit expenses to Shift for payment.

Shift’s Domains are registered through Dotster and are hooked to fool’s credit card:

  • needs to be transferred from its current registrar soon; Brian Scrivner still controls that.

Several people can potentially help with website or calendar problems, including chris (@fool), Vincent (@sdobz), and Josh (@carrythebanner)

The calendar is written in php, talks to a mysql database that is backed up semi-regularly.

The website and calendar are their own codebase in GitHub, which is free to join, use in any way that you might while collaborating with us on mainteance/development, and of course free to download from.

Some of the old website/calendar codebase is in github here:

We generally meet once a week to work on the website/calendar. Ping the website crew to get details about our next meetup. All are welcome; coders, testers, content editors, visionaries, etc.