technology playbook

March 14, 2019

This document is out of date as of March 2019. Check out more current information in the README on Github.

Some of this is still useful.

This is a big ball o wax.

Shift has webhosting through canvashost, a local service provider who gives us a reasonably good deal. The charge is currently hooked to chris (fool)’s paypal so please don’t add services without talking to him!

domains are registered through Dotster and are hooked to fool’s credit card:

  • needs to be transferred from its current registrar soon; brian scrivner still controls that.

Several people can login, including chris fool and brian scrivner.

steve kirkendall, thom wilburn still retain access and were longtime caretakers.

Site is in php, talks to a mysql database that is backed up semi-regularly.

while some of the old calendar website codebase is in github:

the new/current calendar is its own codebase in github:

The new website is also in github:

…and has an online bit about contributing too:

These are both “in progress”