Bike for Justice

Biking for change

We believe that bikes are a tool for social change and can liberate and support our communities. The Shift calendar is one way for the community to organize and publicize bike support in the demand for justice. Bikes can help fill a critical role in supporting events, from delivering supplies to leading groups to boosting morale! If you have a way that bikes can help, post an event and get the word out. The Shift email list is also another resource to connect with bike-y folks and share info.

Take a moment

Look at what privileges you have, and consider how to use them to better the community. Offer your time, money, or resources where you can. We all come from a different place and have something to bring.

Follow the lead of the communities you want to support. To support Black Lives Matter, listen to, believe, and amplify Black voices!

Staying safe & healthy

People of color and people with disabilities have been and continue to be disproportionately affected by COVID and other health issues. Ride leaders may have additional requests or requirements to keep individuals and communities safe & healthy. This could include requiring masks, limiting group size, or other guidelines so that all can participate and thrive in our bike community. When in doubt, ask what you should do! Riders are expected to honor the needs of communities where they are a guest. Refer to our public health page for more info and recommendations for safer events.