Multnomah County Bike Fair

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The Multnomah County Bike Fair (aka Bike Fair) is an almost annual event held as part of Pedalpalooza since 2007 in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

It’s a family-friendly bike event open to the public, featuring games (slow races, bike jousting), entertainment (live music, casual competitions), arts + crafts, and general silly fun.

Wanna help make this event awesome? 2022 participants + volunteers sought - reach out to Shelly if you’re interested in joining us. The main stage is all about participation, fun, and antics. Show off your bike dance troupe or run a competition. Tell us your dreams! We also need help setting up, breaking down, hosting booths, and helping keep the park clean.

Images from the past

dance troupe bull bike dancers

call for participants 2006 jousting

mcbf logo nekkid jumping

Past Organizers

Noting just some of the organizers who put their energies and talents into making MCBF:

  • Recruitment: Lillian Karabaic
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Steph Routh, VJ Beauchamp
  • Events/Mayhem: Benjamin Doyle, Halley Weaver
  • Music: Timo Forsberg, Brian Sysfail
  • Beer: Scott Nowicki
  • Food: John Dovydenas
  • Vendors/Clubhouses/Booths: Teague Douglas
  • Organizers: Kiran Limaye, Carl Larson, Ashley Thirtyseven, Brian Sysfail
  • Boosters: Meghan Sinnott
  • Item Storage: Brian Scrivner, Ken Southerland, fool