pedalpalooza playbook


Pedalpalooza has a lot of moving parts that hopefully take place starting in January or so.

artwork and calendar

We used this spreadsheet in 2015 to organize all the required activities. Thanks Carl Larson!

Here’s a write up of how and why and to what goal we edit the calendar:

Modifications in recent years are:


  • failure to get things in order in time for artist selection by committee, so picked contributors to the community
  • not printing a full run of posters anymore. It cost money there was negligible community engagement in getting them posted around town. Now we print a handful and give them out to the artist and key volunteers and high-dollar donors.

calendar editing doc

…was written up last year but was for the old “classic” calendar so the advice is not universally applicable around the tech - but is applicable around the database and the “what is our goal in editing?” portions.