website development

We’re updating the content and creating a new website to share the content from

This GitHub repository contains the existing content and a hugo-based website to help navigate the content. However, all content is stored as markdown and should be usable with minimal modifications in any other modern site framework, should someone with more energy and a strong opinion about the architecture for the website come along who is interested in creating something fancier.

Instructions for contribution and modification are in the README for the GitHub Repository storing the content for this site

If you see something that could be improved, just do it!

At a high level we have 3 major tasks remaining:

Integrating the new calendar with the website.

The old calendar was quite tangled with the old website, the new calendar is standalone but we’d like to see it on the main page of the new website in addition to updating any links to it in its old location, as it will potentially get a new location on the new site for its standalone pages.

Review and Editing of content ported

You can find the existing ported content in the “pages” category. We’re looking to get input from editors on all of it!

Things we need to port from old website still

  • history (biz meeting notes, images, ride reports, etc)

  • xmas carols + stickers + logos

    This stuff may or may not get ported from the old site

    • rest of the “stuff” on the shift website
    • wnbr stuff?
    • safety?
    • visitor info?
    • education page?
    • get lit (probably ok to go away)