Move by Bike events archive

Josh’s Short and Spooky Bike Move

Starting point: 44 and NE Going Ending point: 35 and Alberta Date: Saturday, 31 Oct, 2015 Time: 11:00am Contact: Josh G

Sat. Oct 31, 11am leaving from ~44 and NE Going, headed to 35 and Alberta. Exactly 1 (flat) mile. Costumes encouraged. I have a lot of books, etc: dense heavy boxes, and not a ton of Bound bamboo trailer-worthy furniture and bike parts. If you like hauling a lot of heavy stuff a short distance, this is the move for you. We could use all the help we can get. Will have all the usual sweets and savories, uppers and downers, vegan and GF. We will burn things at the end. Costumes still encouraged. An RSVP on facebook or email would be appreciated so I have a vague idea of how much food to get.

Ron’s Rawk’n Bike Move!

Starting point: 7655 Ne Sacramento St Ending point: 6905 NE Wygant St Date: Saturday, 26 Sept, 2015 Time: 10:00am Contact: Ron

Cully neighborhood. Begins at 7655 Ne Sacramento St. Where NE Sacramento St and Alameda meet, very close to Alameda High School. and ends at 6905 NE Wygant St. This is a relatively easy ride that is relatively flat. This is just moving one person, folks. Coffee or tea at start and food at the end. Thank you!

Ed’s Big Bike Move!

Starting point: 2027 N. Williams Avenue, just south of Tillamook Ending point: Two miles north Date: Sunday, Aug 30, 2015 Time: 10:30am - 2:30pm Contact: Ed

Meet at 10:30am for food and coffee, load up around 11:00 to 11:30am. I am moving about two miles north via a relatively flat route. Please bring trailers if you have them, most of what I am moving is in boxes with a couple large pieces of furniture.

Lance and Becky’s Bike Move!

Starting point: 930 NW 12th Ave Ending point: SE Ash St. Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010 Time: 10:00am - 2:30pm Contact: Lance

It’s Becky’s B-Day, we’re moving by bike, and would love your help!!

NW to SePo. A short leisurely 2.8 miles. Together now… through Downtown and over the river to SE Ankeny we go! Voodoo Donuts and coffee at the start. There will also be pizza, or something very yummy, and cake at the end. Maybe even some of Becky’s awesome soft cookies.

Everyone is welcome. There are 15 things (bed, couch, table, chairs, dresser, book shelves, …) that will each need a trailer :) plus many boxes of stuff filled with mostly clothes and a few books, not too many I promise. I also have a few plants and trees but I may try to move them earlier in the week.

Please Pass on to your friends. Thanks so much in advance!!!

See: Facebook Event Page


Starting point: 1705 SE Ellis St Ending point: 13th & Madison Date: Sep 19th, 2009, Saturday Time: eat at 10:30am, sail at 11:30am! Contact: Katelyn

Ahoy, me mateys! Yeas, iz I, Katelyn here, inviting ye alls to help me move out of my land-locked hut in Smellwood to to wonderous flowey bikeways of SE 13th & Madison. The route is round’bouts 4.5 miles, real slow and steady like our good salty turtlemates. I also don’t have a lot of treasures to ship, so our embarkment should be smooth– Caffeine and tasty bites provided afor, so ye alls won’t be too groggy, but plenty of grog for the aft! hehehehhhehheeh Eat at 10:30- Sail at 11:30! Dress in yur finest garb and be ready to help Scurrvy Matt’s MbB in the afternoon! SAIL HO!

mattbeard’s pirate bike move

Starting point: 1514 SE Salmon Ending point: 6446 NE Cleveland Date: Sep 19th, 2009, Saturday (Talk Like a Pirate Day) Time: 2pm - be social! 2:30pm - load up! shortly thereafter: roll! Contact: mattbeard

Avast, ye scurvy dogs! I be movin’ from SE Salmon (that be a fish!) to the northern lands on September 19th, which be Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I be thinkin’, if ye be talkin’ like a pirate, ye should swash yer buckle and talk like one. Show up at the appointed place and time and set sail with us and all of Matt’s booty to the great northern realm, or we’ll make sure ye walk the plank!

Fool had 42 people at his bike move - are ye better than that? Can we crew our flotilla with more than 42 hearty souls?

fool’s late august rhumba

Starting point: 2147 NW Glisan Ending point: 6446 NE Cleveland Date: Aug 30th, 2009, Sunday Time: 10:30 - be social! 11:30 - load up! shortly thereafter: roll! Contact: fool

I’ve got some stuff, and I’ve got a new house. Could use some help uniting the two. Over the river and through the ‘hoods we go, with a bit of uphill, a bit of Multi-Use Path, and a lot of beer and edibles at the end. There will also be a little something to fuel people pre-leaving, both caffeinated and nibbly. Mostly boxes and light-to-moderate stuff. But don’t worry, there are some challenges in there =)

Kristin’s Muppet Move

Date: Saturday, Aug. 8

Curt’s Move By Bike!

Date: Saturday, Aug. 1 Time: 11 am (breakfast snack items available for late risers) Start: Ladd’s Addition Apartments, #208, 2014 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214 (corner of SE 12th & Harrison; three-story building w/ Tri-Met bus stop in front) Finish: House of Bike Love (with housemates Stephanie R., Ed G., and Emily W. Yay!) 705 N. Alberta St, Portland, OR 97217 (near corner of N. Alberta & Albina, just north of the Mississippi District) Contact: Curt Dewees

This will be a gradual uphill move, no steep hills, on mostly quiet city streets. The busiest street is SE 12th Ave., which has two lanes northbound, so auto traffic will have plenty of room to change lanes and get around us.

Free pizza and cold beer after the move!

Theo’s Lumberjack Move By Bike

Starting point: 1825 NE 15th Ave Ending point: 4037 N Gatenbein Date: May 16th, 2009, Saturday Time: Noon Contact: Theo

Theo’s moving out of his big lonely apartment and into a new house in North Portland, which is apparently the new bike central. This means bike move! And this time, it’s lumberjack themed. Break out your overalls, flannel, and beards galore. Or not. But just come help move if you can. There’s tables, chairs, a shelving unit, rug, dresser, stools, and lots of lots of books for your hauling delight!

Leave @ 12:30-ish after coffee & donuts. Lumberjack-approved (Vegan) Chili and Cornbread and Beer to follow. On the new porch. :-) The move is mostly flat, small slow climb, clocking in at just under 2 miles. Optional field trip to the Alberta Art Hop after things are unpacked and lumberjack bellies are satisfied.

Twilight “Liveinsin” Move

Starting point: Ed’s House, 1531 SE Spokane St Ending point: Abode of Emily and Ozge (in NoPo) Date: May 8, 2009, Friday Time: 5:30pm Contact: Ed Groth, edward.groth at gmail dat com

Ed and steph (the “other” one) are shacking up with Emily and Ozge, so what better pre-celebration than a stuff parade via the Springwater? Lights heartily encouraged, trailers if you got ’em, and yourself and innocent passersby regardless. The cargo is pretty bite-sized, the route a meandering 8-mile vaguely uphill one, and the adventure swashbuckling.

We’ll end up in NoPo with enough school-night debauchery to make it worth your while.

Ed Groth, edward.groth at gmail dat com


Starting point: 5007 N. Kerby Ave. Apt. A Ending point: 4070 NE Mallory Date: January 31, 2009, Saturday Time: 10:00am Contact: Tim, timjimtrue at hotmail daht comm

Sam’s Move by Bike

Starting point: NE Rosa Parks Way and Williams Ending point: SW 16th and Clay Date: September 28, 2008, Sunday Time: Noon Contact: Sam Theobald

Message: Hey there. I sure would love it if a herd of people and trailers would show up to help me move this Sunday, the 28th! I already posted this on the calender…

Who needs a silly car to move? NOT US.. I want to move this Sunday by bike. (9/28) Come and help? I will have coffee and stuff for you before the ride and beer afterward. I am moving my things from NE Rosa Parks Way and Williams to SW 16th and Clay. Let’s drink coffee and stuff at noon and get on the bikes around noon-thirty. If you cant help out Sunday but have a trailer you could lend, that would also be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you there!

Power to the Pedal People!

P.S. If you want to let me know that you are coming, that would be very cool. Sam Theobald


Microcosm Publishing Move by Bike

Starting point: SE 50th Ave and Powell Blvd Ending point: 9th and Main Date: September 13, 2008, Saturday Time: Noon Contact: Joe Biel or Adam

Come celebrate moving Microcosm Publishing ( into itsnew store–by bike! Plenty of boxes to roll down the hill from storage around SE 50th/Powell down to SE 9th/Main. Further shelving to be moved from SE 29th/Holgate (possibly handled in advance). Celebrate afterwards with food and drink at The Lucky Lab, a mere block from the new store! Props to Shawn Granton for setting us up with the new digs!

Joe Biel

Sierra Club’s Move by Bike

Starting point: 2950 SE Stark St, Suite 110 Ending point: 1821 SE Ankeny St Date: August 17, 2008 Sunday Time: Noon Contact: Wes

How would John Muir move? By bike of course! And so, the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club is moving by bike this Sunday, 8/17 (I apologize for the short notice) at 12 PM. The starting point is 2950 SE Stark St, Suite 110. The destination is 1821 SE Ankeny St–a total distance of 0.8 mile on a mostly gentle downhill grade over low-traffic streets. Very easy. There will be lots of food and drinks at both ends of the route.

Considering that this is late notice, you may be already booked this Sunday. If you happen to have a bike trailer to loan though, please send me an email.

Report: Besides receiving food and drink we each were rewarded with compact fluorescent bulbs… Now that’s a first!

Lucky Lisa’s Move by Bike

Starting point: 7th and Jessup (between Killingsworth and Ainsworth) Ending point: N. Mississippi and Freemont Date: August 3, 2008 Sunday Time: 2:00pm Contact: Lucky Lisa

I am moving to a cute studio on N. Mississippi and Freemont on Sunday the 3rd of August. COme and help! It will be lots of fun- I can picture it now… I will have yummy and healthy food too. If you have an extra trailer, I would love to help (mine got stolen last week .) I live on 7th and Jessup, between Killingsworth and Ainsworth and am moving to the location mentioned above. Let me know please. And Thank YOu. -Lisa

Move(d) by Bike HUGE THANK Yous: “WoW. Really. I am so happy about the move that went on yesterday. I have Never had so much fun moving. I am super grateful to every body who participated. It would not have been the same with out you. You rock reals. Ethan, the pictures are RAD too! Way bad ass.” -Lisa Photos by Ethan Photos by Tom

Vancouver to Portland Columbia River Crossing

Starting point: Franklin and Evergreen Ending point: 29th and Main Date: July 26, 2008 Saturday Time: 11:00am Contact: John Kangas

My car free friend Brenda in downtown Vancouver is moving this month! She’d love to see a bike move come across the Columbia and move stuff without running it around in someone else’s car. It’s about a mile and a half at most, as the bike move rides, from about Franklin and Evergreen to around 29th and Main. As Brenda is a Red Hatter, an obvious theme would be gaudy hats, perhaps even garish. We’ll work on rounding up some goodies from Vancouver Pizza, Vancouver’s finest pizza according to the Columbian. If you’re unsure about the I-5 bridge, let’s meet at the Paul Bunyan on Interstate at approximately 10am.

Photos by Ethan Ride Reports by Ethan and a follow-up from John

Bonnie’s Move by Bike

Starting point: 3725 SE Rhine St Apt 10A (access from SE 36th Ave) Ending point: 5418 SE Gladstone Date: May 18, 2008 Sunday Time: 12:15pm Contact: Bonnie

To celebrate going car free and going on a bike tour, I’m moving! Show up at noon for treats and coffee, a swing in the hammock, load up and we’ll be on our way. It’s short (2 miles!)

Route Map: (Thanks to Matt Picio for mapping this out.)

Please bring a trailer, if you have one. I have lots of furniture and stuff. Did I say lots? Yes!. What do you, most fabulous bike movers, get? Undying Gratitude! Food! Refreshing Beverages! Lots before and after! If you’ve never done this and want to try it out, I’ve got a mt. bike with rack, panniers, and basket that would fit someone 5'4"- 5'10". You can give it a try!

Steph and Andy Move

Starting point: 4823 NE 11th ave. (between Wygant and Alberta) Ending point: 5801 N. Albina Date: April 26, 2008 Saturday Time: 11am Contact: Steph

Steph (Noll) and Andy (Sheie) are moving. Hurrah! Bring a trailer, and you will not be disappointed. No one turned away. Furniture? Lot’s of it! Books? Trailers full! Banjos? We got em! Donuts and coffee at the beginning (of course!) and veggie chili, snacks, and beverages (beer and not beer) at the end. Move is a flat 1.5 miles to N. Portland. Don’t have a trailer? Come anyway. We’ve got panniers packed full of stuff too. Hope you can join the moving party!

Emmy’s Bike Move

Starting point: NW 25th and Pettygrove (the large brick building) Ending point: SE 39th and Brooklyn (the ECT house) Date: Feb 24, 2008 Sunday Time: 11am Contact: Carrie

My friend Emmy will be the latest addition to the ECT Brooklyn house. Let’s welcome her to the bike world by showing her how awesome bike moves are! There will not be too much stuff but definately a few pieces of large furniture and a long trek across a yet to be determined bridge :)

Snacks to be provided on-site followed by pizza et cetera at the new place.

Jeff and Jill’s 2nd Move - the Groundhog haul!

Starting point: 4106 SE 28th Pl (on the corner of SE Gladstone) Ending point: SE 37th and Harrison (between Hawthorne and Division) Date: Feb 2, 2008 Saturday Time: 11am Contact: Jeff

Jill and I bought a house at SE 37th and Harrison (between Hawthorne and Division), and we’ll move by bike on Saturday, February 2nd. It’s a fairly easy ride, only two miles, mostly level with one small hill and later a gradual incline up SE Clinton.

However, we do have quite a bit of stuff. I’ve got quite a few books and Jill has lots of stuff related to her arts and craft hobbies. And, we’ve got quite a few shelves and such for organizing. If we can get the size of crowd that showed up for Matt Picio’s Extreme Bike Move, then we should be fine. We could definitely use your help!

We’ll have the usual coffee and pastries to fuel up, followed by pizza and libations at the new house.

On the Move List:

  • books, shelves, art supplies
  • big arse items include a computer desk and bed

Hope to see you there!

Hannah (Leah) Move - the Day After GroundHog’s Day

Starting point: 1638 SE 12th #207, one block south of Hawthorne Ending point: 15th and Clinton (short, leisurely ride) Date: Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 Sunday Time: 2:30 p.m. Contact: Ken

Message: Announcing yet another bike move in this season of bike moves. My friend Hannah (or Leah as she is starting to go by these days), who some of you are bound to know, is moving and wants to do it by bike. She has a studio apartment so it should not be too difficult.

The late start time gives those going on the hike and bike time to show up and help out. Please bring your trailer to the hike (with a cable lock) and then bike it on over!

The move is not only small but short. She is only moving to 15th and Clinton. So the move will basically be a leisurely ride through Ladd Addition. Thank you so much for all your help in advance.


Kate and Cosmic’s “Masked” Move

Kate, is a wigmaker, costumer, actress, dancer extraordinaire. She needs to move it all this 5th of January 2008: the flouncy skirts, the surreal masks, and more than one wig. We’re talking a serious stuff parade here, and we’re talking only a little over a mile.

Let’s not let the month slip by without a proper haul!

Starting point: 301 SE 79th Ave. Ending point: at 883 NE 90th Ave Date: This Sat. Jan 5th 2008 Time: 10:30 coffeetime, 11am load up

On the Move List:

  • dungeon furniture !!!
  • original masks (limited supply, so come early to snag yours for movetime couture)
  • make-up and costume-y paraphernalia
  • chihuahuas (i’m not kidding)
  • the usual suspects: assortment of office, bedroom, kitchen and living room furniture, boxes, etc.
  • and… a large outdoor swing (hmmmm, the possibilities . . .)

Contact1: Kate Contact2: Steph thanks!

Matt Picio’s “Xtreme Cycle” Move

Ok, all you folks who want bragging rights, here you go:

I’m tired of living out in the hinterlands. I’m tired of getting home at dawn after the MMR. And I’m single again, so I get to live wherever I want

  • so I’m moving back to Portland.

I’m moving from SE 97th & Lawnfield (way the heck out past Clackamas Town Center) to 1514 SE Salmon. Yes, less than 100’ from the intersection of 2 bike boulevards in inner SE. And I need your help.

So, we have the Extreme Bike Move - 97th & Lawnfield to 16th & Salmon - what other bike move can you ride the little known bike lane on 82nd Avenue, or ride past a farm in the middle of suburbia? Not to mention the bragging rights of doing an 11 mile bike move on a holiday weekend?

Time: 11am, Saturday, November 24th (Thanksgiving Weekend). Place: 13632 SE 97th Avenue Goodies: Pastries, Donuts and Coffee at the start, Pizza and Beer at theend. And we’re not talking a slice and a beer per person, we’re talking lots of pizza and beer at the end. Help me avoid renting a truck on Sunday for the remainder! (start location) (start location detail) For better directions, questions, problems, etc. email me. Thanks, -matt picio

Aaron’s “Exchange Cycle” Move

Aaron’s moving, to the Community Exchange Cycle Club house!

WHEN: Sunday, October 21st, 11:00A MEET AT: SE 49th & Glenwood, Portland (1/2 mile S of Woodstock) MOVING TO: approx. SE 40th/Brooklyn

Organic Brian’s Move

I’m leaving SE Ankeny, and that makes me SAD. :-( I’ll be on SE Salmon, that makes me GLAD. :-P The way I’ve been treated by my apartment management makes me MAD. :-? Good times and good health soon to be HAD. 8-O

Hi, I didn’t know this was gonna work out until a few hours ago. I’m bailing out of this apartment, to live in a house that isn’t mold-infested. I can maybe not look like I have pinkeye in both eyes all the time! I’ll no longer be a short walk from Laurelhurst Theater or the awesome park at da Vinci Middle School, but I will be much closer to the Wunderland nickel arcade/Avalon Theater and the awesome park at Sunnyside School.

Some great reasons to help with this Bike Move:

  • I have some really cute building-mates.
  • The new house is FAB-U-LOUS.
  • Brian has lots of cool stuff to play with: 1950’s Singer sewing machine, dual-proc zippy computer, many comics by Jhonen Vasquez (well, don’t play with those so much as handle like they’re original copies of the Biblical scrolls), a stunt kite, an archive of local bike scene paraphernalia.
  • There will be FREE STUFF.
  • You would meet Brian’s PARENTS, who are in town coincidentally on a visit.

Juice and snacks before moving, we’ll all go out to SE Belmont for a sit-down lunch afterwards. Oh yes, I’ve still got a bottle of wine from Jeff’s wedding.

Organic Brian’s Move

WHEN: Saturday, August 4th, Noon MEET AT: 2434 SE Ankeny St. #2 DESTINATION: SE Salmon between 33rd and 34th FIRST PICTURE!!! (pictured Organic Brian and Norm)

Bikini Bike Move

Love the sun? Love to wear next-to-nothing (or nothing at all)? And drink libations? Let’s move some stuff into my new house! Dress as scantily as you’d like and bring water toys if you have ’em. Snacks and beer before the move, and food and beer after.

W00t! Thanks, you sexy cyclists! :::girl-shawn

Date: Sunday, July 15th Time: Start packin’ at 11:30am, depart at 12:30 Meet-up location: 3633 N. Commercial Ave. (@ Beech) Moving to: 5301 NE 16th Ave. - a scant 2 miles away What needs moving: full-sized mattress and boxspring, tall bookshelves, heavy 4 ft. tall dresser, 5 bikes (including a tallbike), lotsa clothes, various boxes of books and random crap Map - Over View Theme: bikinis, hotpants, water guns, huzzah! Fuel: snacks and beer before, food and beer after; wearin’ your swimsuit and biking is a reward in-and-of itself too, eh? Contact: Shawn

Wes Kempfer’s Movapalooza (or post-pedaloosum) Move by Bike

Need relief from that post-pedalpaloosum depression? Try Movapalooza! We’ll move that, whatever it is, and as well as some household items.

Date: Saturday, June 30 Starting time: 11:30 TMT Meet up location: 901 SW King Ave, #516 Moving to: 4101 NE Sumner St

There will be food at both ends of the route, of course, as well as beer and drinks at the end to celebrate.

Contact: Wes Theme: Therapy for post-pedaloosum depression See the Map Ride Report: As are all bike moves, this one was bike fun. There were about 15 of us. We moved a couple of book cases, a small chest of drawers, house plants, boxes of books, CDs, LPs, an assortment of the usual household goods, a 2 drawer filing cabinet, 2 guitars, a mandolin, a small entertainment center (disassembled), a pair of back country skis, a couple of fishing poles, brewing supplies…OK maybe this is too much information–definitely too much stuff. Anyway, we moved all that stuff about 6.5 miles, through the Pearl, over the Broadway Bridge, up Williams, to NE Going, over to NE 33rd, to NE Skidmore, to NE 34, to NE Alberta Ct, to NE 41st, to my new home.

Generally, things went smoothly along the route. We had a pedestrian help us cork traffic on NW 21st. Steve mentioned that might be a first. Drivers were nice along the way; everybody loves a bike move. We did seem to have a high incidence of bungee failure but nothing hit the pavement too hard or broke as a result. Oh yeah. We had a cow man! (See photos).

We had Breakfast on the Bridge to thank for breakfast. Thank you Tami and Timo for bringing the leftover donuts and organic fruit. Once we got to my new home, we chilled in the shade with some pizza, wine, beer, lemonade, and conversation.

Thank you everyone that helped on the move: Tom, Dan, Gustav, Steve, Kristi, Carye, Matt, Tall Steve, Jeff, Jill, Brad, Aaron, Tami, Timo, and Dr. Wasabi. Thank you all members of the Shift community for establishing and supporting what is now a Portland institution: MoveXBike.

Here a few photos taken along the way: Movapalooza Photos The conclusion of this move seems like the end of personal journey. My relocation to Downtown almost two years ago was the result of a life transition. I guess it?s all one big transition though. On to the next adventure! Anyway, moving back out to the Eastside neighborhoods feels like returning home. Here are some pictures of the beginning of the trip (Mother of All Bike Moves, 10/2005) that I never seemed to make time to post until now: Move in 10/2005 I have to say that I am so fortunate to have met such a wonderful group of folks.



Sometimes the most radical thing you can do is stay where you are. – Andy Singer

Savannah’s Cinco de Mayo Bike Move

i am having a bike move on saturday, may 5th, 3pm from 2327 SE Ankeny to a few blocks north of alberta. please join me with your bikes and trailers for a ride across town and a cinco de mayo fiesta (veggie food and drink).


  • Savannah

Date - Saturday, May 5th, 2007 Time - 3pm

Meet-up location - 2327 SE Ankeny, Portland, OR Moving to - a few blocks N of Alberta, Portland, OR Theme - Cinco de Mayo Reward - veggie food and drink

Alberta to St. Johns Bike Move

Yes, it will be a long haul but the course is fairly flat and it is quite beautiful on the Overlook Ridge.

I’m following Bruce and Carla to St. Johns. Bye-bye N.E. 18th & Wygant, hello N. Central at Tyler!


Coffee, bagels, fruit and Portland’s best donuts await you in the garden as we load up between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at 4803 N.E. 18th.

Hit the road by for a lovely 6.66 ride due northwest.

After unloading, shoot baskets and enjoy pizza, wine and beer in the new backyard.

Have a trailer or extra bungee cords? Let’s talk!

Thank you Portland bikey town!

babs Date - Sunday, May 20th, 2007 Time - 11:30pm - 12:30pm for loading up

Meet-up location - 4803 N.E. 18th, Portland, OR Moving to - N. Central at Tyler, Portland, OR Map - Over View (No we won’t be biking on Interstate-5 !) Theme - Reward - shoot baskets and enjoy pizza, wine and beer!

AaA:aAA to Alberta and Albina: an Alliterative Address

after allocating an adequate aepoch at Ashlee and Associates’ abode, an adventurous about-face approaching alternate accommodations ascends. aliments available apres activity, and ale also administered after advance accomplished. alliterative accessories applauded (author’s aunt to accord alliterative adverts).

(translation: after wiling away about 1 1/2 years at “the red door”, home to backyard movie nights, a new neighborhood with fabulous new roommates beckons. we’ll have tasty nibblins before the move and food accompanying tasty beverages at the end of our excursion, a refreshing way to celebrate a shared accomplishment. NOTE: it’s going to be a longer bike move than some recent ones and a little uphill, but anyone with a backpack or trailer or baguette basket or sheer curiosity is welcome to come. grab a few coathangers or a spoon or two, and we can make a lovely winter stuff parade!)

Commencement Clock: saturday, 13 january, 2007 @ 1:00pm Beginning Bearings: 4615 SE 28th Ave. apt.2, hedging Holgate Ascertained Area: Albina and Alberta, absolutely! Dress Details: down-like, drenchproof digs describing down-to-earthdimensions and deftness definitely de rigueur. deployable depots downright delightful!

Contact Coordinates: Steph More Message:listserve

Kirsty’s Aquatic Move

Thanks to a bunch of lovely folks for responding to my Move by Bike Query. It sounds like there are enough people who’d love to come and help, so it’s on! Here are the details.

Date - This Sunday, the 7th of January Time - we’ll start loading up at Noon Sharp Where - at Kirsty’s flat, 2086 NW Kearney Street, # 3 - that’s the block of flats right on the corner NW 21st & Kearney St What to bring - your bike trailers, or bike panniers Moving to - SE 45th & Hawthorne What needs moving - a double bed, a bookcase, two small tables & chairs, & lots of boxes of clothes, books & other sundries Theme - Aquatic! It is Portland, and it is January, so it will probably rain. Let’s just go with the flow (literally) and have an aquatic themed move. Think fish, mermaids, water bottles, nautical submarines, squeezy bathtub toys, splashy puddles, flippers, pirates on the salty seas, Bill Murray’s red woolly hat… There will be doughnuts and coffee at the start, and a round at the Horse Brass for anyone interested at the end.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. Thanks so much everybody! Kirsty x

FEMA Move-By-Bike: From Disaster Area to NoPo in No Time Flat

It’s Time to move Ernie Wisner to Higher Ground!

You know Ernie – the guy who got hit by a car in May, during VBC, and has been recuperating in Portland. (He usually visits us by tadpole trike from Coos County, OR). Ernie has to move his minimal gear to new digs – before he goes in for more surgery on his broken leg at the end of this week.

Can We Do It? Can we perform an Emergency Move By Bike? There’s not much furniture, so a few willing people would make all the difference. The best date is the afternoon of this Wednesday, Dec.13th.

Ernie will provide libations and “low tide” chow, with fresh Oregon Coast oysters, and vegan option as well.

Suggested dress: all-weather gear, water wings and white flags optional.

Contact Matt Phillips for details. Let us know if you have an extra trailer to lend, or would like to borrow a trailer to fully express your emergency management capacity.


Matt (on behalf of Erica and Ernie)