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Saturday June 23

8:30am - 12:30pm, Sales begin at 9am-leave Crema whenever you want.
We'll meet up at Crema, fuel up with some coffee and goodies, then ride to the 33rd Annual Laurelhurst Neighborhood Garage Sale! At 11:30 we'll meet back at Migration Brewing for lunch and beers and will show off our finds. Note: You must bike to the meetup and bike to the end spot.
Special prizes for:
Best Bikey Item
Most Unusual
Greatest Bargain
Largest Item Carried by Bike
Most Stupendous Item
(end group will vote on winners)

Dudeluna, Laurelhurst Garage Sale  [forum]
9:15am - 11:15am, We will ride around 9:45a and be at Arbor Lodge by 11 for little people who aren't able to ride but want to be a part of the fairy party at the beginning and the end!
Celebrate solstice with a fairy ride! Bring your favorite Solstice or fairy costume and traditions and join us for this fun family ride. Expect bubbles, sage smudges, sparkles, and solstice treats! We will be ending at Arbor Lodge Park at 11:30!

Find some ideas here:

Carrie The Solstice Fairy,  [forum]
9:30am - 11:30pm, Roll at 10:00 sharp
Ride 100 km naked--we'll string together the 4 sunny naked rides and the night ride. Morning Naked, Sunny Nekkid, Fig Leif Naked, Block Bikes Naked, and WNBR. Twelve people completed all 5 rides last year. Bring body paint and sun hats.  Cameras discouraged.
Past Tire And Kernal  [forum]
9:30am - 12:00pm, Roll at 10:00 sharp
Start the WNBR day right with a morning naked ride.  Undress to your level of comfort.  We'll wander quiet streets, enjoy body acceptance.  Bring body paint, caps and warm socks.   This ride will end at Coe Circle for a picnic lunch before the Sunny Nekid Ride, etc.  Policy of no photos by ride participants.  Expect about 30 riders.
Kernel And Past Tire  [forum]
Wallace Park Take Trimet (NW 25th + NW Raleigh St - Meet at the Shelter)
10:00am, Meet at 10am, ride at 10:45am.
Highlight the awesomeness of nude beaches everywhere and decry society's dependence on clothing-based beaches by getting as "bare as you dare" and running around half naked, sorta naked or birthday suit naked around with a group of most excellent cyclists on Collin's Nude Beach. 20 miles to location, slow, chill pace, ride leader riding bike town bicycle, blasting tunes, grooving it easy.  Shaka encouraged, flotation devices are radical, a visit to the beach UFO absolutely necessary & sunscreen is highly, highly, recommended.  Please note:  There is currently a ban on alcoholic beverages at Collin's Beach from May until September. So if you roll with us, party like a pirate and drink like a ninja.
SteamRabbit, zedsonder at gmail daht comm, Pedal Party Capitol (fb)  [forum]
10:00am, 10 am to 4 pm
We are hosting a bike to groceries event at New Seasons Sellwood. We will have Advocates and all things bicycles at the store front. Get a new white bucket pannier, talk to people who are interested in biking but are hesitant, get free maps, goodies, and celebrate how many things you can pack into your panniers! Street Trust, Portland Bureau of Transportation will all be there!  Bring your tall bike, cargo bike, folding bike, decorated bike...celebrate Bike to Eat, Eat to Work, Work to Bike!
A J Zelada, 5033182472  [forum]
10:00am - 2:30pm, 10a - 2:30 PM
Advanced registration required. See the link, below.

The class will be on-bike and will be held outdoors. The first half will consist of parking lot drills including signaling, the quick stop, rock dodge, and quick right turn. The second portion will be a group ride on city streets. The ride will include different types of streets and intersections, some with bicycle facilities and some without, to help students gain confidence.

All students are required to bring a bicycle in good working order and a helmet. Bringing water and snacks/lunch is recommended.

Registration cost: $50 per student.

Age requirement: 16 years or older.

Note: Prior to taking the class students will be required to pass an online quiz to demonstrate basic understanding of traffic safety.

Rain date: Saturday, June 30th at 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Gerald Fittipaldi, LCI and Todd Waddell, LCI
(732) 322-4769

Todd Waddell, Registration Website  [forum]
12:00pm - 2:30pm
First annual (possibly last, depending on how it goes ;)

Competitive? NO. Silly? YES!
5 mi round-trip, w/ minimal grades, slow pace, frequent stops.

Will start at a place with food and drink, then parade through quiet streets to random parks and vacant parking lots to set up mobile 'greens' that we will carry with us, and proceed to play our way through residential streets, to end at a permanent course. We will circle back near where we started, to enjoy some 19th hole refreshments.
Carl Boyd, cboyd1970 at gmail daht comm,, 773-426-0227  [forum]

Montavilla City Park, NE 82nd & Glisan Take Trimet (By the fenced in soccer field along 82nd Ave)
After a super-successful ride last year, BikeLoudPDX is thrilled to again partner with APANO for this lunchtime Pedalpalooza ride showcasing some of the best (bite-sized) East Asian culinary offerings of Montavilla and the Jade District. This casual ride will meander through the neighborhood, hitting up local bakeries for a bit of sweet, and tofu and dumpling shops for a bit of savory. The ride will end with a picnic where we'll enjoy our spoils.

Facebook page:
BikeLoudPDX, bikeloudpdx at gmail daht comm,  [forum]

12:30pm - 3:30pm, Roll at 12:20 sharp!
Fun ride in the sun, celebrate body freedom, bring paint for self expression & messages. Clothing optional, smiles recommended.   This is the main day-time nekid ride.  We'll through all five quadrants of Portland.  Busy streets, quiet streets and paths.  Ride ends in NW at the Fig Leif Ride.   Policy of no photos by ride participants.
Past Tire And Kernel  [forum]
Forest Park, top of NW Thurman St, 4250 NW Leif Erikson Dr Take Trimet ((500 yards beyond entry gate, by the Port-a-Potties))
3:30pm - 6:00pm, Roll at 3:45
Ride naked through the forest -- 10K gravel road bike ride on NW Leif Erickson Road. Forest Park is one of Portland's crown jewels. Many square miles of forested hillside, with a web of trails. Leif Erickson Drive is a relatively flat gravel road that runs for miles and miles through beautiful forest.  Folks ride it on road bikes, but wider tires are more comfortable. Ride ends at the St. Johns Naked Ride
Kernel And Past Tire  [forum]
It's a long haul up to Cathedral Park for WNBR, come ride with Diablo to the BIGGEST RIDE of the Year!
Diablo, dirtydiablorides at gmail daht comm, FACEBOOK EVENT (More details & quicker updates)  [forum]
Cathedral Park, N Edison St. and N Pittsburg Ave Take Trimet (Meet on the dock, listen for International music)
7:45pm, We will do meet & greet until WNBR.
We are Rainbowarriors. We are from multiple cultures, colors, creeds and spiritualities united with a single purpose of one love.  If you wish to join us, we ask that you study your own cultural roots and traditions with great intent and come painted/clothed as bare as you dare, honoring them and your thread to them and our shared world, Mother Earth.

We will be painting ourselves and dancing to An eclectic and varied mix by DJ Roy G Biv.

: Cultural food share encouraged.
:: Pack out what you pack in. Recycle. Learn. Share. Enjoy. Dance - Following the Tiki Bike.

* Visit the Shift2Bikes Forum for discussion.
DJ Roy G Biv, Shift2Bikes Forum  [forum]

Cathedral Park, N Edison St. and N Pittsburg Ave Take Trimet (We'll be gathering near the stage to depart the park, but be sure to wander and enjoy the rest of this amazing park!)
Highlight the vulnerability of cyclists everywhere and decry society's dependence on pollution-based transport by getting as "bare as you dare" and riding around with thousands of happy protestors.  Meet at 8pm, ride at 9pm.  #pdxwnbr
World Naked Bike Ride Planning Committee,  [forum]
10:45pm, Meet @10:45, ride out @11:11!
Returning for its 9th year! Cut out slightly early from the Naked Parade and join the rolling revelry that is the ROOFTOP RIDE!
Three stops, all featuring thrilling climbs and majestic views. (Majestic views may or may not include naked humans.)
For the first two stops, we'll remain on our bikes.
Wear good shoes; bring adventurous spirit! YAYYY

Jaya, 5033802573  [forum]
WNBR End Point, TBA Take Trimet (Rally with the Devil after WNBR, Check the GLYMPSE in the Facebook Event)
We may go with Karl and crew or Peel off

Either way will eventually end up Central Eastside after the WNBR
Diablo, dirtydiablorides at gmail daht comm, FACEBOOK EVENT (More details & quicker updates)  [forum]

11:00pm, Meet after Wnbr for those that don't like EDM.
If anyone wants to ride South after naked ride. There's a after party in Gladstone
Naked Aztec, great.spirit1111 at gmail daht comm, 206-371-5860  [forum]
TBD , TBD Take Trimet (I promise I will update this with the end spot. )
11:30pm, Time is an estimate but this will be a post WNBR ride
The fun doesn't stop at the end of the ride. Follow the fire from the Tiki bike with the DJ for a dance party at a secret spot. We dance until we see the sun. Plan ahead and bring water. Leave No Trace Event: (that means you take everything with you) if you want to volunteer to clean up after the event so we leave the space better then when we found it. Email: jwallacelove[at]  Consent is a MUST DO ALWAYS. We will be supporting a safe and inclusive space.
Tiki Bicycle ,  [forum]

Sunday June 24

11:00am - 4:00pm, join anytime and anywhere - 11a-4p
The City of Portland will once again close a loop of streets to auto traffic so folks can play in the streets.  Join us in North Portland!
PBoT, PBoT Website  [forum]
Columbia Park Annex, N Willamette & N Woolsey, Portland Or Take Trimet (Just North of Music Stage in the Columbia Park Annex)
11:00am - 4:00pm
Join Pedalpalooza for a Bike Decoration Station and Bike Ride during the North Portland Sunday Parkways

We'll have Duct Tape, Balloons, Flowers, Crepe Paper and all sorts of other cool decorating supplies available to decorate your bike with.

Please bring decorations to contribute to the fun.

There will be bike rides at 11:45, 12:45, 1:45 and 2:45 to show off your bike!

Scott Batchelar & Dan Seneres, FACEBOOK EVENT, 9715700171  [forum]
Dogbowl, 2945 N Willamette Blvd Take Trimet (South side rim of the Dogbowl)
11:00am - 3:00pm
Groove with the turtles and roll the cycles my cool rice and beans soul sisters, beautiful brothers & all others as you, third eye and we take a journey together to adorn hippie free love clothes for a Cycledelic Photobooth at the June 24th Sunday Parkways.

No dues or fees - as free as the air you breathe, the heart that beats and that far out way you beatnic poetry my worlds world.

Peace, love -&- velos.

the Cycledelic Hippies of the Dogbowl

Gratitude to Our Supporting Sponsors & Partners:
Pedal Party Capitol, Sunday Parkways, Shift2Bikes, PBOT -&- Pedalpalooza

Zen, zedsonder at gmail daht comm, FB Cycledelic Photo Booth Event Page  [forum]

11:00am - 4:00pm
Adaptive Bicycle Clinic for families and children with assistive needs. Adaptive bicycles will be on hand in a safe block area adjacent to the Sunday Parkways at Harper's Playground in Arbor Lodge Park~ North Portland. This will North East corner of the park and a stop on the Portland Sunday Parkway June 24th. A number of organizations providing services for children will  be on hand to share and dialog. Come join us for the first time at the Parkways!
A.J. Zelada, ajz at zelada daht comm  [forum]
Skidmore Bluffs, Take Trimet (Meet near the bike with the wind chime on it)
11:30am, Ride at roughly 11:30a. Brunch starts at 9:00. Wind Chime Riders can gather any time between then and the start. Please allow time to ensure that you have a safe, reliably attached wind chime.
Put a wind chime on your bike and come to this ride! It's fun to ride a bike with a wind chime on it.

Gathering will begin at Brunch on the Bluffs, because it sounds dope and I want to go to that too. I will be the one with the wind chime on my bike. I will have a small number of chimes to distribute. Our ride will begin after brunch has been consumed and all riders are confirmed to have safe, secure chimes. Probably around 11:30, but like don't worry about it too much. We will enjoy some time on quiet streets, where we can be ourselves, in the majesty of our chimes, before joining Sunday Parkways to end at the Bike Decoration Station. It's a mild, minor affair glommed onto other, better planned events.

Putting a wind chime on my bike has made me very happy, and I encourage you to try it.

Matthew Mendez  [forum]
12:00pm, Meet at noon, ride at 12:30pm sharp
Join Bicycle Kitty for a fun outdoor pool hop.  We'll aim to visit 3 outdoor pools at most, depending on timing we may end up only going to 2.  We ride rain or shine.
Bring $11 cash to make the entry line go fast please.  Pools sell snacks like popcorn and nachos.  You'll need a lock, swimsuit and towel.  Ride leader will provide a printed map for those riders unable to sustain a 10mph pace.

Bring pool entry fees of $15, a swimsuit & towel, a lock and lights (just in case!)

Kids are welcome, but they'll need to be able to ride up to 20 miles with some hills and keep up with the adults.

Maria Schur  [forum]
Show up and blow up. Speed and glory for his memory. Believe in yourself. RIP Charles, we hardly knew ye.
Charles C. Dickman, Senior  [forum]
12:30pm - 3:30pm, Meet at 12:30, ride at 1:00 sharp.
Who loves goat videos? Everyone! What's even better than goat videos?  Visiting real goats!!

Did you know there are many back yard goats in the city of Portland? Is that legal? Do you have to milk them? Do they really eat anything? How can I get goats of my own? Get answers to all of these and more. Join us as we visit 3 different homes in NE PDX with goats as backyard pets.

Ride is not a loop - will end close in NE.
Rain or Shine, I promise!!!
David Jahns  [forum]
Everyone leads this ride to surprise your friends! Bring a friend's address in Southeast (or cross streets of their dwelling). Won't they be surprised when they find a gang of sweaty bikers on their lawn, or later find the gifts we leave on their doorstep! Bring them an extra token if you like.

Focused on Burnside to Powell, below 39th-ish, but we might venture farther. If you don't have a friend in this area, come anyway and you will soon!

Becky, Robin, & Kim, Facebook event page  [forum]
1:00pm - 1:00am
You know the drill, dads. Don your best dad gear and gear. It might not happen until November.
Eric Ivy, Ericivy at gmail daht comm   [forum]
OBGYN H3 #105 Link 21+
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Hares: O & One Speedy Cock
Hares off at 2:30pm Pack gives chase 15 minutes after
Bicycle & Helmet
Potluck Item
Thurst for beer
High Expectation of a Mediocre ride
New verses to Old McDonald

Mud Butt, redtech116 at yahoo daht comm,  [forum]
2:45pm, Meet @2:45, ride out around 3!
Let's gather and ride to Portland's ICE Headquarters and make our resistance to this country's brutal, dehumanizing immigration policies felt. We'll be joining an ICE protest already in action - see link below for info on that event! Spread the word, bring friends & feel free to bring protest signs / displays, or just your radical self. Link to FB page for (non- bikey) event we'll be joining:
Also, this one-off rally is happening Sunday, and will coexist with the ongoing 24/7 occupation:

Jaya,, 5033802573  [forum]
3:00pm, ride 3:20PM
Meet at OMSI and head to Space Room Bar for drinks.

Wear your lab coat, red shirt and jeans, or yellow Marc Jacobs top if you got it!

Meet on the East Side Esplanade on the bike path in front of the Submarine at 3PM on Sunday for a fun daytime ride.

Costumes encouraged!

After the ride we may decide to leave the bar around 5 and meet up with the Winter-Holiday in June ride at Ladd's edition circle around 5:15-5:30 for some sweaty santa suit fun!

Jack  [forum]
3:00pm, Scattered days
Come check out Sunday afternoon bike polo! We tend to be in and around the park all day, so come say hi and hit the ball around with us on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon!
Portland Bike Polo,  [forum]
3:00pm, Ride at 3:30
Celebrating the tandeming of two lovely Portlanders and the majesty of the 2x2 machine. Bring your tandem and a partner, or plan to pick one up! All bikes and all types welcome.
John Furtado, 2064304790  [forum]
3:30pm - 5:00pm, Ride at 4pm
Come celebrate the coolest holidays in the hottest season of the year. Why?
Because you want to make bystanders say, "Whaaaat?".
Because you love unique rides.
Because it'll entitle you to early gifts.
And because you know you've always wanted to dress up to celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas while riding a bike. Yes, in the middle of summer.

First 24 riders to show up in costume get a free ice cold beverage. Best carolers win applause. Best costume and best decorated bike each win a sandwich, salad, or dessert from Palio Espresso and Dessert House (winners choose, ride organizer treats). Please mind the heat and design your costumes accordingly.

Portable speakers encouraged, especially to blast winter holiday tunes.

We'll meet in Ladd's Circle at 3:30 pm to decorate our bicycles (snow flakes, fake snow spray, etc). At 4 pm we roll, riding through SE and NE, mostly along bike routes.

Ride at a relaxed pace for about one hour, ending our loop back at Ladd's Circle.
Free drinks & bike decorations! Prizes for best costume and best-decorated bicycle!
Al & Arlene, 213-394-9081  [forum]
My Daughter wanted her mother and I to go down to Pride to meet up with her friends and their parents.

Surprised we couldn't find any type of Pride Ride so we're doing one from the Richmond Neighborhood down to Pride

Last minute impromptu ride but if you wanna join I'll Gylmpse it on the Facebook Event
Diablo, dirtydiablorides at gmail daht comm, FACEBOOK EVENT  [forum]

CANCELED Moved to June 17
My Daughter wanted her mother and I to go down to Pride to meet up with her friends and their parents.

Surprised we couldn't find any type of Pride Ride so we're doing one from the Richmond Neighborhood down to Pride

Last minute but if you wanna join I'll Gylmpse it on the Facebook
Diablo, dirtydiablorides at gmail daht comm, FACEBOOK EVENT  [forum]

4:00pm, meet at 4:00, ride at 4:30
Dress up like the fantastic, rare & beautiful bird that you are! We will be visiting a couple great spots for birding on bikes. no hands encouraged because birds dont have em. Expect stops at points of interest, for birdsong & dancing to attract mates, & baby birding tutorials. Bring your own binoculars.
Cyrus James  [forum]
Hawthorne swim dock, Hawthorne swim dock on the east bank Take Trimet (Just south of the firestation and north of OMSI)
6:00pm, we will ride around 6:30
Meet at the Hawthorne swim dock, ride to a few more hangout swim spots, end at a beach with a fire.  Good times and chill vibes.  Bring all the music, there will be a refreshment stop.
Ben, 503-710-1248  [forum]
6:30pm, Meet up starts at 6:30. Show/ride starts right at 7:00, Scattered days
The Working Theatre Collective is proud to present the 10th Anniversary of Bike Play! This musical adventure invites audiences to ride alongside the revolution, as a band of scrappy die-hards battles to save a Portland in which the cycle has all but disappeared. Building on a decade of wildly popular bicycle-based theater, The Neverending Cycle puts its performer's cardiovascular health to the test - by also being an original musical.
The Working Theater Collective,  [forum]
7:00pm, Meet at 7, ride at 7:30
Ride your HEAVY ASS BIKE up a STEEP ASS HILL! The HBHC is back for its 7th year. Ride a 40+ pound bike up to the Pittock Mansion. Add weight if you must, but keep it on the bike (backpacks don't count). Meet in Dawson Park at 7pm for the weigh in. We'll leave at 7:30pm, ride up the hill, and enjoy the view until they kick us out at sunset. Lights, helmets, good brakes, and common sense strongly recommended.
Patrick  [forum]
8:00pm, Meet up at 8:00pm ride begins at 8:30pm
A bonfire and tunes on the bank of the Sandy River lights up the end of the Electric Bike Ride sponsored by Nomad Cycles.  We will start the ride at the shop at 5820 NE Sandy Blvd Portland Or and ride to the river through, let's hope, a starry night.  Light up your bike dress to impress and lets ride.  All Electric Bikes  wlecomed and all friends of electric bike riders can join as well.  This is an adult only event.
Jean Abbott, 503-803-6864  [forum]
8:30pm, Meet at 8:30pm, leave by 9:00pm, Scattered days
Every Sunday 8:30PM near (13th & SW Burnside) in Portland OR. Bring a bike, MAX fare, lights, and safety gear (full-face helmet)! Ride silly bikes real fast down big hills. Goes until late.
J Ryde,  [forum]

Monday June 25

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