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Many of the fields are optional, but the ones marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.
You might want to read through the form first to make sure you have all the information you need.
You can switch between the Long, Short, and Pedalpalooza versions of this form at any time; no information is lost from the form when you do that.

If this is the first time you've offered to lead a ride, Thank you! We ask that you read the Ride Leading Comic for tips that will help you lead the best ride ever.

If you have questions about this form, contact the Calendar Crew.

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WHAT *Event title:
Tiny title:
This is used at the top of the online calendar, where all events are listed in a compact grid. The time and tiny title are shown there; clicking on them takes you to the event's full entry.
Family Friendly. Adults are specifically encouraged to bring their children.
General. Mostly intended for adults. Well-behaved kids are welcome, but they might be bored.
21+ only. Typically this is because the event takes place in a bar.
More about audience...
You MUST LIST FEES here. If you don't mention any fees in the description, then people will assume the event is free.
Some other things to mention: Helmet? Pace? Hills? End point?
More about
*Print Description:
Please keep it short and simple. We have a hard time fitting over 100 events onto a single page of newsprint. No special formatting is allowed due to the complexity of laying out the calendar quickly enough to get it printed and distributed on time.
This lets you include an image (*.jpg, *.png, or *.gif) in the online calendar's entry describing your event. It should be small -- ideally no more than 200 pixels high, and using no more than 150k bytes.
WHERE Venue Name:
If the event's meeting place is a park or business, put its name here. Otherwise leave this field blank. When you put a value here, the calendar software will try to look up an address for that name and fill in the "Address" field below.
Give either a street address or cross streets. Ideally this value should be parseable by online maps such as Google Maps. If you haven't chosen a location yet, just say "TBA" for now. More about addresses...
Location details: ()
Optional. This is usually empty, but if you feel the need to add a description such as "near the clock tower", this is the place.
Area: Portland
In the calendar, Vancouver events will be flagged with an icon or otherwise highlighted so Portlanders don't wonder where the heck Esther Short Park is. More about area...
WHEN *Date(s):

You may type in a specific date such as "July 4", or a description of a repeating date such as "every Sunday" or "second Friday of each month". More about dates...
Within each day, the calendar will list events sorted by this time. This should generally be the start time of your event. If your event has multiple times (e.g., a "meet time" and a "ride time"), I suggest you put the first time here and describe the later times in the details field, below.
This is optional, so unless you're pretty confident about when your event will end, I suggest leaving it unspecified.
Time details:
If you think it's necessary, you can use this to provide more details about your event's time. Try to keep it short. E.g., "At Midnight we ride!"
WHO *Your name:
The name you supply here will be published in both the printed and online versions of the calendar. If you're shy, make up a name.
Your phone number:
Don't publish my phone number online
Unless you check the above box, your phone number will be shown in the online calendar.
*Your email address:
Send forum messages to this address
Don't publish my email address online
This must be a valid email address where we can reach you. When you add your event, a confirmation message will be mailed to this address telling you how you can edit it later. More about email...
Your web site:
Other contact info:
Don't publish this information online
This can be anything (except URLs), such as a suggested time of day to call, or where to leave a message, or what coordinates to feed into a radio telescope. Most folks will want to leave this blank.

Unless you check the "Don't publish" box, the above contact information will be shown in the online calendar.

Printed contact info:
The printed calendar has only a limited amount of space for each event, so we must limit the amount of contact info that we show. Please choose which contact information is most important.
Tips for Ride Leaders For tips on making your ride successful, we ask that you read the at least once before submitting an event.
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The following is a preview of how your event will appear in the online calendar. This is only an approximation! The event's image (if any) isn't displayed in this preview. Email addresses aren't fully obfuscated. Links and buttons don't work. (For any curious geeks: These differences are due to the fact that the actual calendar is formatted on Shift's server by some PHP code, while this mock-up is formatted in your browser by some JavaScript code. The JavaScript code doesn't exactly mimic the PHP code.)