Bringing people together for Bike Fun
in Portland, Oregon
PedalPalooza was here

That Fun Thing We Do Every June

In 2002, Portland hosted Bike Summer, and it was great! So, every summer since then, we've had another festival which is now called Pedalpalooza. Click on one of the following years to see its calendar of events.


2017 A whole month of bike fun, June 1 - June 30th. 327 events!
2016 292 events!
2015 294 events!
2014 298 events! 308 if you count repeats.
2013 280 events, 3+ weeks of bike fun, from June 6th through 29th. The big naked ride Saturday, June 8th, was almost certainly the largest every, anywhere.
2012 For the first time, we expanded to 3+ weeks of bike fun! The intent was to spread out roughly the same number of events over more days, so you could participate in more of them. 298 events... or 313 if you count each instance of repeating events.
2011 About 270 events -- slightly less than 2010. The big naked ride was also slightly down, due to weather fears. Be brave! Be ambitious! Try harder in 2012!
2010 We had roughly 300 events, and a very strong attendance. The naked ride alone had somewhere between 7000 and 12,500 riders.
2009 In 2009 the number of events was down a tiny bit, but the number of people at each event seemed to double. One highlight is that we had about 5000 people for the World Naked Bike Ride... or nearly 1% of Portlanders!
2008 Vastly larger than previous years. The Portland Mercury increased their involvement. Shift hosted the International Toward Carfree Cities Conference. The City of Portland had its first Sunday Parkways (Ciclovia). Soaring fuel pricess increased interest in bikes. The result: 185 events in the printed calendar, and 197 events in the online calendar (not counting repeating events). Larger crowds all around. Wonderful. I'm still sleepy.
2007 The printed calendar had 130 events, and the online calendar ended up with 140. That's may sound a hair's breadth smaller than PP2006, but actually most of the events attracted far more people in 2007. Yea Bikes! Go Team! Rah! Rah! Ride Reports (PDF)
2006 The printed calendar had 133 events, and the online calendar ended up with 143 (taking cancellations into account). Which was your favorite?
2005 That Pedalpalooza was huge. The printed calendar had 95 events, but the online calendar, which could be updated throughout the festival, ended up with 114 events.
2004 The first year that it was called "Pedalpalooza" and the first with a 16-day Thursday-to-Saturday schedule. It had 68 events.
2003 Mini BikeSummer. 49 events. Apparently Portland was the first (and so far only?) BikeSummer site to continue the festival on following years. This first year, it was organized in cooperation with Zoobomb. (A brief history of Shift and Zoobomb.)
2002 BikeSummer! In August, not June? Wow, the things we forget. 97 events.