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shift has built some easily-transportable bike racks which we'd love to rent to your group for your event where you'd like to accommodate parking for up to a hundred bikes!

the racks consist of lightweight tubing which is intuitive and simple to assemble and disassemble; the collapsed racks are one bundle of 11' tubing that is about 1.5' in diameter and weighs around 50 pounds, and one bundle of 3.5' tubing that is about 2' in diameter.

when assembled, you get 110' of bike parking in 11 “large sawhorse” shapes, each suitable to holding around 15 bikes (if you valet park judiciously); each segment holds at least 10 bikes placed haphazardly (ie let people park themselves without instruction).

below is 1/11th of the bike parking setup demonstrating some different placement methods–the seat hang, the underwheel tuck, and the lean:

Shift bike racks

i've got some higher resolution pictures you can see if you email me– please also direct any questions in that direction–i'm happy to help!

racks are rentable by the day (typically we let you have them all weekend or with a day on each side to make pick-up or drop-off easier):

$150 we deliver to your event
$50 you pick-up and return from NoPo near peninsula park

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