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Shift has a lot of stuff for a quasi-anarchic organization with no distinct physical presence. this page is an attempt to keep track of all the stuff that “belongs” to shift and where it lives, so that in 5 years when someone wants the cash box or the signage from the 2011 WNBR, you can find it. please feel free to add stuff to it if you know where shift stuff lives!

MCBF Stuff

  • wheel-arch - ??
  • water bottles?

WNBR Stuff

  • art supplies @ fool's
  • plywood signs @ fool's
  • some marshall sashes @ fool's
  • archives from last 2 years of google groups chatter:

General Stuff

  • 2 big flashlights with batteries @ fool's
  • cash box @ fool's
  • bike racks @ fool's
  • fool needs to go thru rest of shift pile @ fool's
  • petty cash at top secret location (known to steph/emily/fool)
  • archival notes from biz meetings here
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