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-If you want to  +If you want to promote Pedalpalooza on your web site, //Thank you!// 
-{{:​pedalpalooza:​pp_ads2013:​pp13_728x90.jpg|728x90 banner}} + 
-{{:​pedalpalooza:​pp_ads2013:​pp13_250x300.jpg|250x300 buns}} +You may use any of the following images - you can right-click on them and select "Save as..." to download them. 
-{{:​pedalpalooza:​pp_ads2013:​pp13_300x600.jpg|300x600 ​mini-poster}}+ 
 +Please make each image be a link to [[http://​​]]. 
 +| 728x90 banner | {{:​pedalpalooza:​pp_ads2013:​pp13_728x90.jpg|728x90 banner}} ​| 
 +| 250x300 "​buns"​ | {{:​pedalpalooza:​pp_ads2013:​pp13_250x300.jpg|250x300 buns}} ​| 
 +| 300x600 poster | {{:​pedalpalooza:​pp_ads2013:​pp13_300x600.jpg|300x600 poster}} ​|
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