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Please duplicate the form below and include your ride info. And know this, You are a journalistic bike star! :-)

Name of the Ride

Name of Reporter:
Start time:
Approx. Distance:
Number of riders:
Synopsis of ride:
High points:
Low points:
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change?

PedalPalooza Kick-off Parade

Leader: Timo (as so listed on the parade permit)
Name of Reporter: Tom Wilburn (please feel free to embellish on this reporting)
Date: June 12, 2008
Start time: around 6:45pm
Duration: approx. 45 minute ride (with about two hours of socializing)
Approx. Distance: approx. 4.77 miles
Number of riders: a solid 600 to maybe 1000?
Synopsis of ride: A great abundance of cheer and well-being on bikes decorated and of all varieties of tall to low-rider. This year saw the return of a city permit and a police escort. In sharp contrast to last year, where the kick-off was fraught with battles between bike and motorist, this ride was pleasant and smooth with some motorists even smiling and cheering us on. It was a great time to re-unite with compadres and bring on the biking season.
High points: The sun came out (after a long spell of rain and cloud) and the weather warmed up to a pleasant 68 degrees from a morning of chill and gloom.
Low points: None, (other than having to return to work the next day). :-/
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? Without a doubt this is a year after year tradition that will be with us and in our hearts. An anticipated change will be more and more riders to the point where there are fewer and fewer cars clogging the road.

Cycle Seen Bike Art Ride

Leader: Ashley Mitchell
Name of Reporter: Ashley Mitchell
Date: Sat, June 14, 2008
Start time: 10:00am
Duration: - - -
Approx. Distance: - - -
Number of riders: 40
Synopsis of ride: Around 40 folks met up at Stumptown Roasters on Division this past Saturday around 10am. An early start, we checked out the art, drank some coffee and then headed to A Better Cycle to view the Ghost Bike installation and Bike Life. Just down the street was New Seasons, and the Friends & Family bike art show.

While listening to Billy Holiday, we headed downtown to the IPRC bike art show, and then onto the Tea Zone where we checked out the Cyclist Perspective show and bombarded them with bubble tea orders, and demands for a speedy grilled cheese sandwich.

The ride headed to N Portland after that, so some riders went off to their various errands or other Pedalpalooza rides, and off the rest of us went to the Little Ride Bike Cafe show for lunch and refreshments.

Finally we headed to NE, through some hidden bike paths to the NE Cup n Saucer Color, Light and Character show, then Gaurdino for Cyclist Portraits, and lastly, the Good Neighbor for the truly awesome Strength, Endurance, and Mud Cyclist Racing art show.

Beers and Pizza were had, and off we went just in time to get to Mississippi for the Cirque De Cycling events.

Thanks to everyone for coming along, we hope you had a great time. Thanks to Jeff for helping cork, Michelle for supporting us in so many ways, and finally Rachel for hatching this idea, and bringing the cycling art of 94 artists to Portland during Pedalpalooza.

If you haven't seen the art yet, check out our website for the locations website.

Ride photos.

High points: - - - -
Low points: - - - -
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? - - - -


Leader: Cody Cougar Bikencamp
Name of Reporter: Tom
Date: Sat. June 14, 2008
Start time: 2pm
Duration: approx. an hour
Approx. Distance: around 4 miles
Number of riders: I counted just at 100 bike riders (including the male and female bicycle cops - in uniform, plus a couple of impromptu joiners)
Synopsis of ride: (For a ride protesting obscene car emissions and indecently abusive exploits of oil, onlookers might have been confused for the few signs presented to make this point.) Our bodies were glorious in the fully sunny and springtime-warm afternoon. To the photographers along the route, the recurring message was, “If you are going to take a picture, you have to be naked!” A group photo was taken by the Joan of Arc. Our initial circling of the golden statue was halted by the approach of an ambulance. After that we were free riding the rest of the way, except for one minor stop by a squad car, without incident. It is good to note we received a lot of attention (mostly positive), especially since we biked through the Laurelhurst Neighborhood's estate sales (well they were not really all that happy). Outdoor diners were much more excited with our excellent display by cheers and applauses, but one appeared as though she might release her food into her napkin. We received a “Holy Jesus!” from a truck driver unexpectedly encountering our mass of nakedness. On the other hand, a young man (and wife and baby) while strolling by a Safeway replied, “That's wrong, that's just wrong.” One transient biker, waiting at an intersection, ripped off his shirt to reveal his tanned, starved-thin body and cheered us on with that mighty smile of his. A couple of peaceful-observant bicycle cops, female and male (representing!), were along for part of the ride. Overall this ride from Joan of Arc to Col Summers Park was very positive and as smooth flowing as our bare, naked bodies.
High points: United, un-perv-minded exhibition in natural buff (the Creepy-people stayed home this day - yeay!!). A spontaneous, impromptu join-up and dis-robe of bikers en route.
Low points: Mini bike “bat-mobile” had coaster brake problems and one pedal fell off. A squad car near Lloyd Center non-threateningly charged me and my bike so to block an intersection and cut off the tail of the ride (a hand full of stragglers).
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? As a participant, lead by the Cougar, I'd do it again. I do wish, in my own opinion, the ride would return to its roots and have more protest messages. Still, as the Official kick-off of the PDX WNBR (intentional rub against the PDX cloaked-by-nighttime ride *bless their efforts*), this in-broad-daylight ride rawks without the planning nor financial backing nor paperwork nor security-checks nor licensed permissions, but by sheer group come-as-you-are. That's grass-(bareass)-roots, bay-be! :-D

Stumptown Joustdown Ride

Leader: Solid Gold
Name of Reporter: Corey
Date: Sat, June 14, 2008
Start time: 2:15pm
Duration: - - -
Approx. Distance: - - -
Number of riders: - - -
Synopsis of ride: Saturday afternoon was a day full of epic bicycle based battle. The weather was great, the crowd big (roughly 200 people at peak), the competitors fierce, and the smashing epic. no major casualties reported, although zane may have broken his hand, and april danger took a bad spill. some highlights were naked pedicab jousting with the jousters standing on top of the cab seats, dutch vs. zane going head to head (literally) ramming into each other at full speed TWICE, skateboard vs. rollerderby girls vs. unicyclist, and of course, tall bike jousting.
Here are officially the Best Jousters in Portland: Normal bike class: Greg Mini-Bike class: C-Saw Open Class (anything that rolls): Salmon Nation Sam on a skateboard Tall Bike: Tom Rolfe
High points: - - -
Low points: zane may have broken his hand, and april danger took a bad spill
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? - - -

Father's Day Trailer Kids Park Tour Ride

Leader: PatrickB
Name of Reporter: PatrickB
Date: June 15, 2008
Start time: 10:30am
Duration: 5 hours
Approx. Distance: 5.1 miles (at 1 mph)
Number of riders: 10
Synopsis of ride: The 7th annual TKPT started at Wilshire Park with seven adults and three kids. Initially the weather was cloudy but by the end of the ride warm sunshine and cool breezes prevailed. Seasoned park participants noted with sadness that the Wilshire Park'’s helical slide was replaced with a safe and sensible straight slide. The ride visited a total of 5 parks. The first stop was a house where, earlier that morning kittens had been sighted, but they were not at this time to be found. Backtracking a short distance, we arrived at Sabin Hydro Park, a recently opened Water Bureau pocket park sharing the grounds of a water storage tank (NE Skidmore & 19th Ave). The modern play structure provided an effective apparatus for both kids and more than a few of the intrepid adults. At our next stop, Alberta Park, riders were greeted with possibly the LAST helical slide in Portland, after removing some dog waste (delivered to the top of the slide via a child'’s foot) the corkscrew action of this metal contraption was experienced. On our way to park # 4 (Woodlawn) we stopped for ice creams in a Minit Mart. For such a small store the ice cream cooler was found to be well stocked, however slightly expensive, with ice cream sandwiches, Drumsticks®, Häagen-Dazs® bars, and many other untried frozen confections. Woodlawn Park’'s infamous “'spanking machine,'” delivered spankings to kids and the water fountains provided the remainder of this park’'s attraction. Our last stop at Fernhill Park we met up with the Park2Park ride where the children commingled. It was here that the TKPT ride decided to disband, most returning to nearby Wilshire Park and Aurelia and I hopping the Park2Park Ride back to Alberta Park where we played with large 747-style gliders (provided by the P2P mistress) and pedaled the short distance home. Total ride time 5 hours, miles 5.1, 1 mph average speed.
High points: - - - -
Low points: Dog Poop on the kid's slide.
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? - - - - - -

Mini-bike Life Drawing

Leader: ERin
Name of Reporter: ERin
Date: Sun. June 15, 2008
Start time: 4:00pm
Duration: 2 hrs
Approx. Distance: n/a
Number of riders: 18+
Synopsis of ride: Mini-bike Life Drawing was the perfect post-WNBR wind-down on Sunday! A saxophone player practiced nearby, the breeze blew, the sun shone, drunk kids pestered us for lighters, photos, and drawings of themselves, and best, people kept showing up to draw! The circles and angles of bikes were the perfect complement to people.

Lee, Blake, Lily, Turbo, and Ken modeled with their minibikes and a Bakfiet. By mid-session, there were 25 people drawing and/or posing! We started with 30 second gesture drawings and worked up to 15 minute poses. The response was really positive for regular bike/drawing sessions like this.

Here are some of the poses and drawings… pics
High points: - - - -
Low points: - - - - -
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? I’ll do another in August [2008]…ideas?

Dianna comments: I'm really starting to think that bicycles make perfect life-drawing props. They make drawing people much less intimidating. I mean, anyone can do wheels and a frame… and once you've gotten that far you may as well draw in the person, right? Easy. I should've stuck around when you were taking pictures of people's drawings – I was being shy – but, hey, there's a next time! Rockin'!
Tom comments: Indeed at the beginning of the life drawing there was a cacophony of park noise - the repetitive “muZac” of a popsicle truck, the violent barks from a basketball court, and nearby raucous rants and antagonizing bad behavior from some drunk teens - did challenge my concentration. Yet, it was extra bonus points to make the further effort to overcome the nuisances and put my focus into the drawing at hand. Although fortunate for us, one male model's pink underwear worn boldly on a buff body, dispersed the unruly teens. A note to remember for future outdoor life drawing events. :-) Still the calming of the remaining obnoxious noises (other than the sax and guitar) was left up to us, as a group, and we did so. After a time and through our collective focus I surmise we generated some semblance of a “temple of consciousness.” This being aided by the mandala-like pattern on which we sat. It was then the park became a place of harmony. Truly amazing how the focus of our intents pacified the noisy intruder, including the boisterous behavior of a couple of playing children (although their good rearing probably had a lot to do with it, unlike that of the teen gang). So YES! Please more life drawing in magical places made possible by bike community participation. A Great Thanks to the models and to eRin for bringing us together with another twist on bike fun. Profoundly Inspired!
Rachel comments: Yes, great drawing fun, thanks eRin for organizing it!

(fishnet casualty of) Raunchy(est) Ride

Leader: Heather Williams
Name of Reporter: Kate
Date: Sat. June 21, 2008
Start time: 8:30pm
Duration: - - - -
Approx. Distance: - - - -
Number of riders: approx. 30
Synopsis of ride: this year's Raunch Ride commenced at the Lucky Lab. From there our Mistress of Mesh, Heather, led about 30 eager riders to Sassy's at 927 SW Belmont (which was, in a former life, Portland's oldest lesbian bar–Club 927–sometime until the mid '80s). The bar was already full but made much merrier and raunchier by the presence of so many raunchy bicyclists. To the bar's credit, there are several bike racks installed outside–hey, thanks!! There we enjoyed the enthusiastic performances of several fine young ladies with very impressive pole dancing skills. After a couple of sets, we departed and crossed the Burnside Bridge to stop at an establishment on 5th and Burnside whose name escapes me now. Since this place required a cover charge, a small cadre of us decided to move on early to the ride's next stop, the Silverado on 3rd&Stark, where we could observe the choreographed stylings of dancers of the male persuasion. We were not disappointed. At Silverado the raunch factor increased considerably as dancers here are allowed to pluck tips with their mouths directly from patrons' clothing. This was an option seemingly enjoyed especially by the many bachelorettes in the audience, though the crowd was predominantly male. From here, regrettably, I left the Raunch Ride, as I wanted to catch a rare Portland performance by the internationally reknowned Tacoma garage band Girl Trouble at Slabtown. I got there just in time, and it was a great show. However, on my way home at about 12:30, going East on Lovejoy, I was speeding happily along in the bike path, enjoying the warm evening, until I came to that strip-mall-looking part where it directs bicyclists around the streetcar stop (at Kearney). Had I been a mere two to three inches more to the left, my front tire would not have abruptly hit the thick pavement that borders the onramp to the streetcar stop like a speed bump. And I would not have flown over the top of my handlebars like superwoman, landing cruelly on the concrete below. Fortunately my skull was protected completely from impact due to the vigilant work of my right elbow and knee. A gentleman who was walking his dog about a block away at the time wandered up to see if I was okay. He says he lives in the neighborhood and has seen bicyclists grapple with this part of the pavement before. So, instead of trying to find the remainder of the raunch ride, as I had intended, I cycled home to tend to my wounds and mourn the loss of a brand-new pair of premium fishnet tights. Lessons? Watch out for that spot on Lovejoy at Kearney, esp. if you are cycling at night and distracted by thoughts of nekkid ladies and men. And don't abandon Pedalpalooza rides once they've started! Bad Luck! Stay with your posse! Anyone want to fill us in about the rest of the ride?? Thanks! cheers, Kate
High points: Flying over my handlebars like superwoman.
Low points: grappling with a bit of pavement on Lovejoy and Kearney.
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? - - - -

Heritage Tree Tour Ride

Leader: Emily Wilson
Name of Reporter: Emily
Date: Mon. June 16, 2008
Start time: 6:00pm
Duration: - - - -
Approx. Distance: - - - -
Number of riders: 40+
Synopsis of ride: Yesterday evening, just over 40 people gathered for a tour of Portland Heritage Trees in the SE (we counted off at our first tree, but for the life of me I can't remember the number - 43? - help me out here folks…)
We were a punctual bunch and rolled out at ~6:40pm
our first stop was a Ponticum Rhododron - bees feeding on the nectar of this plant can produce honey with a mild hallucinogenic and laxative effect, 11 cases being documented in Istanbul in the 80's, as the plant is native to Asia Minor - (thank you Wikipedia!)
The rest of the tour being far more pedestrian in nature, we visited:
a Big Leaf Linden Oregon Myrtle Tartan Elm European Beech and Spanish Chestnut (edible) - on the same lot
We skipped the Scarlet Oak - as it is hard to see from the street and we were a large group.
Oregon White Oak - a particular native of this area
Tulip Tree - the owner came out and asked us to lobby the city to put Agnes (his name for the tree - did I remember it right folks?) on the Heritage Tree list - I told him I found her as #280 on the list - so I thought she already was.
Then on to Black Walnut - a favorite of mine as there was a huge one outside my freshman dorm widow and they turn a brilliant yellow in the fall - my birthday season.
A big Western White Pine that was shorter than its house in pictures from the 1930's
A stand of Northern Red Oaks around a colonial style house, built by a very early owner of the PGE and from which Colonial Heights takes its name. Aand last but certainly not least - a huge London Planetree.
High points: - - - -
Low points: - - - -
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? - - - -

The Big Girls Ride

Leader: Robin
Name of Reporter: Robin
Date: Monday, June 21st 2008
Start time: 6:30pm
Duration: I thought it would be one hour, it really lasted two hours.
Approx. Distance: 8 miles
Number of riders: Half dozen.
Synopsis of ride: Rode from Hawthorne Bridge to The Sellwood waterfront park.
High points: Seeing very new rider happy with her distance covered. Looking at the red-tailed hawk along the path.
Low points: Lack of super fun stops or activity at end or mid point.
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? I would totally do this again! In the future I will schedule more time and make more fun activities along the way or at mid or end point. It was the first ride I've ever lead and I feel pretty good about it.

Unimproved Road Ride

Leader: lianagan (aka Lisa)
Name of Reporter: Lisa
Date: June 22nd, 2008
Start time: 4:45 p.m. (we left promptly at 5.)
Duration: Fast! We finished in under an hour.
Approx. Distance: 5.5 miles
Number of riders: 12

Synopsis of ride:

A dozen of us celebrated the belated emergence of the sun as we traversed some of the best/worst (depending how you look at it) unimproved roads of NE and North Portland. The ride started with a brisk climb up the Alameda Ridge then pranced through Wilshire Park on the way to the first unpaved stretch on Wygant, sometimes called “Escape From Last Thursday”. This bit was delightfully more rutted and rock-strewn than ever. We continued on to a hidden, shady stretch of dirt on Humboldt and through one of the alleys connecting NE Emerson to N. Dekum where the route then took the lesser known bike/ped bridge crossing over I-5. We picked up Dekum again via the dirt trail next to the freeway and found some of the most scenic unimproved spots, my favorite has a tidy rose garden framing the “Roadway Not Improved” sign. Although Sunday Parkways had been over for hours, the main thoroughfares, Killingsworth and Rosa Parks, were still amazingly devoid of traffic; the car-free spirit of the day extended well into the evening. After a grand hill for the finale on Saratoga, five of us continued on to the Mock Crest Tavern for cold beers on the patio.

High points: The warmth of the evening, the low traffic, the improvement someone had made on the Saratoga hill making it more rideable, riding past a cheering group of cyclists hanging out with their fine, vintage-looking steeds in the vicinity of the Bike Farm.

Low points: The ride ended so soon! (It is a shortcut after all.) The smokiness and unruly crowd on Mock Crest's claustrophobic patio..I guess everyone had the same idea on Sunday.

Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? Hell, yeah! I'd announce the hidden turn-offs sooner (I actually got confused as to which alley was the best to take..sorry!) and maybe start it in a different place with more unimproved sections to make it longer.

Biking Viking Ride

Leader: Kristi Holden
Name of Reporter: Kristi Holden
Date: Monday, June 23rd, 2008
Start time: 7:30pm; it got moved back some to include new riders.
Duration: 2+ hours, including stops
Approx. Distance:6 miles
Number of riders: 25+
Synopsis of ride: I want to thank everyone who went on this ride! Especially Mark for providing the P.A. and Wes for compiling the soundtrack so we could bike in Scandinavian musical style! The Old Norse Hall was very welcoming. We held a Triva Contest, took a route through the historic Overlook neighborhood, led a Viking raid into Kels and in general had a great time. It was a nice sized ride, about 25 to 30 bikes.
High points: I had several good friends show up, and met some awesome people. There were several incredible costumes as well.
Low points:Too short due to time limitations. Although, sometimes simple is good.
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? I hope and plan to do it again next year! A weekend date would be nice for this ride, I could have easily made it longer and included another activity or two.

Zombie Ride Photos

Name of Reporter:
Date: Monday, June 23, 2008
Start time: One's last breath
Duration: An after-life time!
Approx. Distance: As far as we could go before our limbs rotted off
Number of riders: Do the dead count?
Synopsis of ride: Saturday evening about 65 Zombies and a dog set-off on bikes and unicycles for the first every Zombie Cycle Rampage hosted by the UnicycleBastards. Pedals turned, pints drained and people were scared.

See the gore for yourself: (Thanks geargreaser for the photos)

High points: chasing the purty warm-bloods for their brains
Low points: loosing our brains, therefore it was much difficulty to figuring out how to get them sponges out those warm-blood's skulls
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? That's assuming a bit much… you know… reincarbikenating is not as easy as it looks

PARK(ing) Brown Bag

Leaders:MJ Freshy Fresh and steph routh:
Name of Reporter: steph
Date: 25 june, 2008
Start time: 11:45am
Duration: 1 hour 15
Approx. Distance: uhhh . . . about 8' x 20'
Number of riders: 15
Synopsis of ride:Dan, MJ and i found a sweet little parking spot on Taylor between Broadway and Park downtown, just waiting to be laid with astroturf and as many rugs as our house could spare. MJ also brought cushions. folks brought their lunches and good humour to the little 8×20' asphalt Brigadoon and munched in convivial fashion. among the attendees were: Jess (holding a parasol and looking not unlike a character from “Sunday in the Park”), Granton, Derek, Patrick, Billy, Alex, Riley, Carissa, Chris, Meghan, Anna, Robin, Tim, and one lady whose name i unfortunately didn't catch but who had a great dress! we had a vehicle (bicycle) parked in the spot and had paid for the duration of the lunch. an officer stopped by about 5 minutes before the end of our lunchtime repast and mentioned a concern for our safety, asking us to vacate in 10 minutes. perfect timing! she suggested permit and cones next time. so next time there shall be cones (but why would we need a permit?).
High points: nice venue, good conversations; just a chill time.
Low points: needed more ground cover and enticing furniture
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? we need to do this more often in future. we considered the possibility of art exhibitions, living room decor, sod, etc. i wouldn't mind a nice game of scrabble or syzygy! but next time, cones will be nice

Celebrate your Yoga Ride

Leaders: Tasha Danner and Diana Hulet
Name of Reporter: Tasha Danner
Date: 6/25/2008
Start time: 5:15 pm
Duration: 2.25 hours
Approx. Distance: 6-7 miles
Number of riders: 46 to start, dwindled to 29
Synopsis of ride: Started at the Top of Mount Tabor on a beautiful sunny evening for sun salutations and a few rounds of OM. Rode down the hill and to Laurelhurst Park for more yoga and sun. Then on to Colonel Summers Park, Sewallcrest Park and finally to The Bhaktishop for treats and community.
High points: Meeting new people, the sun, lying down in the grass, partner hand-standing and tree.
Low points: Having to ride up the hill to Mt. Tabor to actually get to the ride (though this might have been a high point for less lazy riders). Although coming down the hill was quite fun.
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? I WILL do it again. I might just do 3 parks next year and meet towards the waterfront, so more people can make it after work.

pedalpalooza review ride

Leader: fool
Name of Reporter: fool
Date: 6/27/08
Start time: 18:15ish
Duration: 2.5ish hours
Approx. Distance: 7.5 miles
Number of riders: 20ish to start, gained a few at amnesia brewing.
Synopsis of ride: an attempt to cram as many pieces of pedalpalooza into a single ride as possible. we stopped for coffee, beer, tacos, pizza, wurst, donuts, looked at graffiti, crossed a bridge, and endedup at the bike-in movie.
High points: 4-in-1 stop for beer/tacos/pizza/wurst, at which we accidentally ran into and absorbed a shard of the sam adams ride, and accidentally remaining at the hawthorne hostel for the bike-in movie.
Low points: not being quite speedy/motivated enough to manage a naked zoobomb.
Would you do it again? If so, What would you change? Aaron Tarfman and i are planning to do version two sometime within the next month or so. this will feature an expanded roster of revisited pedalpalooza fun in a much-expanded timescale. we'll live and learn!

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