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 ===== Bicycle Baskets - "the no-brainer"​ ===== ===== Bicycle Baskets - "the no-brainer"​ =====
-Baskets, especially the chrome metal ones, are just screaming ​to be decorated.\\ +Baskets, especially the chrome metal ones, are just begging ​to be decorated.\\ 
-I meanwhen mounted on the front of a bike, the naked basket is like having\\ +Embellish that basketyour bike with personal buttons, scrap cloth, streamers,\\ 
-your gentalia hanging out - unclothed and unstyl'​n.\\ +heads off of action figuresor found things, like the rose pictured below.\\ 
-\\ +
-So the first and easiest thing to do is a piercing job with safety pins.\\ +
-Attach just about anything this way. For my basket of joyI've attached ​scrap\\ +
-material left over from a Halloween costumeplus embellished with a rose found on the street.+
 \\ \\ \\ \\
 {{:​bikefun:​basket_decor01.jpg|}} {{:​bikefun:​basket_decor01.jpg|}}
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 is a resourceful way to decorate. is a resourceful way to decorate.
 \\ \\ \\ \\
-Test .... 
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